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Why start journaling? Benefits for your personal growth and dream life

Journaling can bring many benefits into our life and personal growth journey, especially when we have a clear purpose around this practice. So before making journaling a daily habit, it is important to ask ourselves why we want to write in our journal.

To help you to successfully define your intention, so you can determine the main benefit you are looking to get from this spiritual practice, I want to share with you 6 benefits that Journaling can bring to your life.


1. It helps us expand our range of focus, so we can have a more complete view of our life and of our personal growth journey.

Sometimes we are so focused on the day-to-day tasks that we don’t realize that many of them are not bringing us any closer to our life vision and the lifestyle we want to achieve, nor do they contribute to our personal growth. Journaling helps us be aware of the things we do and why we do them, and also helps us see what are the benefits or disadvantages of the choices we are making now, especially in the long term. In short, it makes us see life from a new perspective.

2. It helps us bring awareness to the relationship we have with ourselves and with those around us. 

Journaling allows us to observe our lives as spectators, which makes us bring more awareness to our relationships. Also, there is something about putting things on paper that makes us put our ego aside, and see life situations from a kinder perspective.

For example, next time you have an argument with your partner or friend, try to write everything you felt and the details about what happened in your journal. Then, after a couple of weeks, go back and read what you wrote that day. This will help you reflect on the situation from a broader and more objective perspective. You may even realize that your way of reacting was not adequate, and that perhaps next time you can act differently for the benefit of both parties.

3. It helps us define what’s really important and where we are headed.

Journaling helps us connect with who we really are and our current mission. Journaling with the intention of finding interior and exterior clarity is one of my favorite practices, and that’s why in my Designing Growth program I explain step by step how to get the best out of this practice and why it is so important.

4. It allows us to see certain patterns that are not adding anything into our life and personal growth journey. 

For example, journaling can help us realize that sometimes we get mad about things that are truly not worth it, or that are out of our control.

Also, journaling helps us reflect and determine the actions we need to follow to leave those patterns behind, so we can continue moving forward being our best version. 

5. Journaling helps us organize our days so we can live our dream life.

Personally, I don’t use an everyday planner. In fact, I don’t even use a “to do list” because I feel that in them I don’t have the space I need to determine if those activities are the ones that are going to help me achieve my long-term goals. 

I have a personalized journal that allows me to work based on my priorities, and that helps me to obtain the results I want while enjoying the journey and also being completely present.

6. Journaling also helps us intensify our gratitude, and more

Journaling helps us intensify high emotions, such as gratitude, which makes us feel good and also helps us manifest our dreams. (You can find my Gratitude Journal in my shop if you want to work on this emotion).

Additionally, journaling is also a practice that helps us improve our mental health, overcome depression or any difficult circumstance we may face in our lives, and keep moving forward designing the best version of ourselves. 

Without a doubt, having a journal allows us to remember, solve, and clear our thoughts, feelings, and ideas. And helps us be better persons and continue to grow as humans. Also, remember that journaling can be a moment for you to enjoy yourself, and the silence and peace that deleting the outside noise brings us.

I would love to know what you think about journaling, and what your experience has been like with this amazing practice. And, if you have any questions, you can write to me on my social media channels. Find me as @andreinavalderrama 

With love,


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