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intentional living influencer sharing her favorite low carb snacks with a glass of water


My favorite low carb snacks that make my life easier

When life gets busy, it is so easy to neglect your nutrition, and that is a big mistake. I learned the hard way that our body, like any other machine, needs a good power source in order to function correctly. For example, if you want your car to work perfectly, you fill it with the right type of gas, no matter how expensive it is; we should think the same way about us, if we want to have the energy to work all day long to reach our goals, we should fill our body with the best “gas”.

The reason why I’ve always failed with diets is because the moment I start feeling that I am hungry, I start eating all the shi* that I can find around me. Here is where having the right low carb snacks is crucial to keep us on track and healthy. I must say that I practice fast most of the time when I don’t have access to healthy food, and it works really well for me, but other times, my body really needs a snack, so I try to give the best one to him.

I need to clarify that I don’t follow a strict diet, but I definitely reduced the amount of carbs in my meals and I always try to avoid added sugar. That means that I am eating low carb during 80% of the week, but I also eat out on the weekends and I don’t think twice before eating my favorite baklava ice cream in the city. With all of this being said, below you can find my favorite low carb snacks right now.

Low carb snacks that don’t mess up with my health

  1. Almonds: When you are in a rush, almonds are going to be your best friends. If I am going to travel, for example, I put a handful of them in a Ziploc bag and they are lifesavers. I don’t eat them everyday though.
  1. HU Dark chocolate: I love Chocolate, and Hu created an organic and paleo chocolate that is so good. My nutritionist said that it is healthy to eat 2 pieces of dark chocolate when I want to, but to be honest I actually always eat around 4, or sometimes even the whole package. That’s why I cannot eat this every day. It is delicious!
  1. Veggies chips: Slice all the veggies into uniformly thin slices, after that add olive oil and salt. To finish, bake them until crispy and slightly brown. Best snack ever!
  1. Fruits: I normally eat a fruit a day, and I love them. They are my favorite natural candy. I love strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, and even bananas.
  1. Yogurt: yogurt is a great way to add a little sweetness to our meals; I eat it with chia and some fruits. You can also add cacao nibs. This is Miguel’s favorite snack at home, and he loves to add keto granola to it.
  1. Cheese: If you want something salty for your snack, cheese is the answer. I love cheeses, but I try not to eat them every day since I feel that my body doesn’t react very well to dairy. I learned that real cheese just has milk, cheese cultures, and salt, so keep that in mind when shopping.
  1. Homemade ice cream: Blend your favorite fruit with a little of almond milk, put it on small cups and freeze it. Perfect for the weekends.
  1. Siete chips: I just love the Siete Family, and all their products. I recommend you check the chips and tortillas. Healthy option for nachos and tacos cravings.

The key to eat healthy low carb snacks that keep you satiated

  • AVOID added sugar.
  • CONTROL quantities.
  • PICK whole foods.
  • PLAN your snacks.

Our nutrition is crucial for our energy, and if we have good energy we are going to work harder to reach our goals. I’ve learned so much about this from my nutritionists, and I must say I am not a professional, and I recommend you to find a specialist if you have specific goals for your health & fitness.

For me it is not not about following a strict diet; It is just about sticking to what works better for our lifestyle, and keeping it flexible.

Do you want to have CLARITY about your health & fitness, and every area of your life? We go deep in this topic in Designing Growth, the program.

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Don’t forget to let me know what is your favorite healthy snack in a comment below, or on my Instagram. You can find me as @andreinavalderrama

With love,


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