I’m Andreína.

I am so happy that you are here, and 
that together we can design your dream life. 

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How much does shipping cost?

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Shipping rate will be calculated before finalizing your purchase. Rates may vary based on your location.

We offer free shipping to anywhere in the United States on orders over $80.

International orders may be subject to customs procedures + customs duties. We are unable to expedite a package held by customs. Processing times vary by country. The customer is responsible for any customs fees. We are unable to adjust or refund these charges. Rates vary by country.

How long would it take to receive my order?

We are doing our part to take care of the planet. So, we produce all orders on-demand, which means that we start producing your order once it is placed, so we don’t end up with products that won’t be used. 

For notebooks and journals: the products will be sent to production immediately upon receipt of your order. It will take approximately 15 days, from the moment you place your order, to produce and ship your product.

For sweaters and other collections: depending on the collection, we have limited quantities available for shipping. But normally the collections production starts when we have more than 50 people interested in the product. Read the product description to learn more about it.

What is the difference between a waitlist and pre-order?

Pre-order: when you buy a product on our website that still has not been produced nor is in stock at the moment, but that for sure will be available. 

Every time you pre-order any of our products, you are helping us to produce only the right amount necessary to satisfy the demand. This way we avoid overproduction, and make the planet a little happier.  

Waitlist: We use waitlists to evaluate the interest of our community on certain products, which allows us to create and produce only the products you need to design your dream life. You do not have to provide your payment information to join the waitlist. We will keep you updated with all the information about the product launch.

Can I get a refund? 

We hope you love your purchase, but if for any reason you are not satisfied with it, you have 15 days to return it.

Items must be in perfect condition. Unused, unwashed, and with the original labels.

To start your return, write an email to hello@andreina.co with the subject: RETURN + your order number.

We do not cover shipping costs for returns, nor will the cost of the original shipment be refunded.
Andreína and her team reserve the right to refuse the return of any item received in unsatisfactory condition.

All discounted items are final sale and are not eligible for returns.

How long would it take to receive my digital product?

After your payment has been confirmed, an email with your order will be sent automatically. Remember to look in the spam folder if after a few hours you still don’t see the email in your inbox.

Can I return my digital order?

Due to the electronic nature of downloadable products, all purchases are final and no refunds are available.

How can I fill out the templates?

You can complete them digitally by downloading the document on your computer or tablet. Or you can also choose to print them, and fill them out by hand.

If using your computer, I recommend using Adobe Reader (free). If using your Ipad, we suggest the following applications: Adobe Reader, GoodReader, Noteshelf, Notes Plus.

My purchase includes a Notion template ... What is this?

Notion is a multiplatform task organizer that has completely changed the way I plan my life and my business. It is the perfect tool to organize my ideas and bring them to reality in a simple and organized manner.

Your order does not include any information about how to use notion, and it is specifically created for people who are familiar with the app. If you want to learn more about system creation in Notion, you can apply to my couse Designing Growth, and follow the resources I share in my blog.



My VIP one-on-one coaching is for women who have specific and clear goals that they want to achieve and need help and guidance in the process. On the other hand, Designing Growth, the program, is for those people who are looking to design an integral and complete lifestyle with which they not only feel happy, but that they can also sustain over time, and will let them be in constant growth.

For example, specific goals for the coaching program are: to improve your
relationships, feel better about social media or your work, launch a new project, work on your self-esteem, defeat imposter syndrome, gain confidence in certain areas of your life, etc.

The goal of Designing Growth is to get you to design a holistic lifestyle specific to yourself. In this program you will learn about personal growth, and how you can create systems and rituals that will give you the confidence you need to live your dream life.

If you are already happy with your lifestyle, and only need to achieve certain goals, the VIP one-on-one coaching is for you.

If you still don’t know what you need, just let me know in your application, and during the call I will be able to guide you.


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How long is the Designing Growth Program?

Designing Growth is a program in which you can design your dream life in 4 months. 

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program? 

I recommend you spend around 2 hours per week to review the materials provided. The time that it takes you to complete the activities will completely be up to you and your life pace. 

Why do I have to apply, and can’t I just buy the program directly?

Designing Growth is an exclusive personal growth program where I personally select who will be part of the group due to the limited spots available, and also because it is important for me to make sure that Designing Growth is what you need to grow in your life.

Do I need to have any previous knowledge about personal growth?

No, in Designing Growth I will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know about personal growth so you can obtain the results you are looking for.


Do you have more questions? Visit the Designing Growth page


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How many months does the VIP one-on-one coaching last? 

Every client is different, and therefore are her dreams and the time needed to achieve them. In general, the minimum amount of time you should be willing to work together is 6 months so we can define your needs and goals, develop an action plan that you can follow, measure your results, and adjust what is necessary. 

If I am selected, how do I make the payments? 

You will receive a monthly invoice via email, where you will be able to make the payment for each month. You will also be able to obtain special discounts if you decide to pay in advance.

Can I schedule just a 90-minute session if I only have a specific concern I want to discuss?

Yes. Send an email to hello@andreina.co to check my availability. During this call we can also brainstorm ideas about how you can continue to advance in your personal and professional goals. Just add “90-minute session” in the subject line, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

What if I don’t have enough money to invest in the intentional VIP coaching?  

If I have learned anything over the years, it’s that money is energy, and it always comes when we need it. My VIP one-on-one coaching is an investment that will allow you to grow in your personal and professional life, so if we see it that way, everything that we invest in ourselves pays off. The first step to change your life and achieve your goals is to have a mindset of abundance, not scarcity. 

With that said, if for any reason you don’t have the money right now, and need the sessions, ask me for my payment plans, and I will be more than happy to prepare something that adjusts to you. Payment plans go to a maximum of 12 months. 


Do you have more questions?
Visit the ONE-ON-ONE COACHING page

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I use Adobe Lightroom to edit all my photos.

Normally I use presets. Presets are pre established adjustments to edit my photos in a faster and simpler way based on my feed aesthetics at each specific time.  

What camera do you use?

Visit my favorites page to access to see the full list of equipment I use to create content.

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