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Personal Growth

How to improve your health and have more energy?

Our Health has to be the first area we work on in our process of personal growth because if our health is not in a good condition, all other aspects of our life can start to collapse 

Without health, we cannot enjoy our relationships, we can’t perform well in our professions, and we can even put our mental health at risk. On the contrary, if we have the energy we need,  we can design the life we want and feel happy in the process.

Tips to improve your health and have more energy

First, I want to state that this information should not be interpreted as professional advice or medical recommendations. You should always consult with your medical doctor any doubt or question you may have related to your health. I am going to talk about my personal experience, and my goal is to inspire you to find the best version of yourself, so that we continue to grow together in this journey. 

Things that completely changed my energy level:

1. Sleep

Have you noticed that when you stay up late, get up early, or just don’t get enough sleep, you feel drained of energy and it becomes tedious to even complete basic functions? This is because sleep is an essential function that allows us not only to recharge our body but also our minds, in addition to helping prevent us from developing certain diseases, so when we deprive our body of it, we can notice the effects quickly.

It is very common to hear many people say that only 5 hours of sleep a day is enough for them, or that they can make up for it by sleeping 12 hours on the weekends, but the truth is that there are many studies that confirm that these myths are simply not true.

For me, giving priority to my sleep by maintaining a sleep schedule according to my circadian rhythm, and making sure I listen to my body and get enough sleep, has been one of the keys that have helped me improve my energy levels, and I know my body thanks me for it.

2. The foods I consume

The moment I started to pay attention to the quality of the foods I was eating, and how my body reacted to them, I was able to increase my energy levels. Because eating is not just about consuming anything we can find, but about feeding our bodies the nutrients it needs to perform every day. 

I recommend you  seek help from a medical specialist that can perform all the necessary tests to know how your body is working with the foods you consume, and based on that, you can build a relationship with the foods that are good for you, and leave behind those that are not adding anything new or even could be holding you back. 

The key is that you find your balance, and what works for you. It’s not about being on strict diets or depriving yourself from certain foods, it’s more about finding a balance that you are happy with and that you can maintain every day without feeling bad about your choices. 

I have worked with many specialists in the last few years to find what works for me, and one of the things that helped me the most was doing a metabolic test to first determine how my body works.

3. Exercising

Do not think that I always exercised, or that I wake up every day super happy to go to the gym. The truth is that this is a habit that I have built step by step. I first started with the goal of going to the gym once a week to move my body, and through the years I have achieved a routine where I exercise at least 6 times a week. 

When you start exercising, you quickly realize that it is a very good habit that makes us feel better and more energetic, so we can fully enjoy our days. The key for me was finding activities that I liked and going at my own pace. And I can tell you one thing, while it is true that many times the idea of going to the gym or exercising does not make me very happy, there has not been one single day in which after exercising I feel sorry for having done it.

4. Drinking water 

Have you noticed the difference between when you drink the amount of water you need and when you don’t? One of my coaches once told me that around 60% of our body is composed of water; basically, we cannot deprive our bodies of it. So, to have healthier skin, feel more energized, and hydrate our bodies, drinking water is one of the things that our body thanks us the most for. 

There are many other things that I could add to this list such as breathing exercises, a skincare routine, wearing sunscreen, stretching, and more. All these activities help me have better health. The key is to build these activities step by step, and that you find what makes you feel better.

If you are ready to build and maintain healthy habits in your life, get my Habits Pack, to guide yourself in the process and to continue to progress in your personal growth.

I want it!

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