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intentional life coach journaling in her personal growth journey


How to start journaling in your personal growth journey?

If I could only give one piece of advice to the whole world, I would recommend them to start journaling.  Because I firmly believe that having a journal and using it intentionally, can change the life of anyone. 

Journaling can help you in your personal growth journey, and to find the answers you are looking for, because at the end of the day, all the answers we need are within us, you just have to silence the outside world and start listening to your true self. 

This post will help you take small actions that will allow you to build the habit of journaling, so you can start designing your dream life on your own terms. 

How to start writing in a journal?

1. Start by defining why you want a journal.

I personally write in my journal because it is a tool that allows me to grow as a person, to connect with myself, and also lets me determine what I can improve.

Also, it helps me reflect on certain situations, and on my life in general, from an external and objective point of view where I am not necessarily looking to be right, but trying to grow as a human

2. Find the method that works better for you.

Most of the time, I like to write on paper because I think it is a better way to connect with my inner self. However, I also use Notion, especially for my morning gratitude ritual and my weekly reflections. 

I have also recommended to some clients to use voice notes on their phones and to even have a conversation with themselves in Whatsapp that allows them to express themselves without any problem.  This is especially helpful if you prefer not to write on paper. 

If you are using an electronic device to do your journaling practice, I recommend you set your phone in silent mode and turn off all social media notifications. It is important that you are not influenced by the external world when you start your practice.

Feel free to experiment with different ways, and follow what makes you feel better. I would love for you to share with me in my social media channels what method makes you feel more comfortable. You can find me as @andreinavalderrama

3. Start by asking questions.

The best way for your journal not to become a place where you only write what happened to you during your day without any kind of reflection, is to ask yourself questions.

You can start with basic morning or night questions such as: What can I do today for my day to be better than yesterday? Or What could I have done better today?

When answering these types of questions, it is important that you don’t use your journal to judge yourself, but rather as a method to grow and improve. Be honest, but don’t get frustrated. Simply think that you are having a conversation with yourself from which you can learn a ton. 

Little by little, start asking more specific questions based on your life situation at the moment. For example, if you want to find clarity, or want to feel a specific emotion, direct your journal on that topic.

4. Make journaling a habit

Regardless of whether you write one line or one page every day, build the habit of journaling. After you make it a habit, maybe you don’t have to write deep thoughts every day, but you can use it to plan your dias or to practice gratitude, for example. The goal is for you to make this activity something that helps you in your personal growth journey.

5. Set the environment before journaling.

You can light a candle, lock yourself in your room if you live with a lot of people so they don’t interrupt you, you can meditate before writing, do breathing exercises for 2 minutes, or whatever works best for you. The key is that you find the ideal environment for you to journal about  everything you need without distractions.

6. Write and flow your practice. 

Do not pressure yourself to find all the answers at once, nor the right words, simply write what’s in your heart, and see where this takes you.

The truth is that there is not a  right way for journaling, but the most important thing is that you start. The key is to be consistent. If you have any questions about this amazing practice, don’t forget to share them with me on my Instagram. Find me as @andreinavalderrama 

With love,


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